To live in Caraquet is to benefit from a quality of life by having access to a community that has a rich heritage of knowledge and history, and which has kept its Acadian colors and values. Living in Caraquet is enjoying a prosperous economic climate for entrepreneurs since the city is a must in the Acadian Peninsula.

To settle in Caraquet is to open up to the culture and the arts, it is to contribute to the identity building and the blooming of the French language. Settling in Caraquet is to take advantage of the green spaces and the sea while benefiting from organized sports and leisure within the city. Whether it is summer or winter, Caraquet is inspired by the seasons.

The city is innovating and taking the pulse of its community in order to establish activities, services, and infrastructures that will attract people to move in and inspire young people to stay in Caraquet or to return when their studies are completed.


The City of Caraquet assumes its role of leader, in partnership with the members of the community, in the realization of a global and sustainable development project in order to ensure optimal quality of services to its citizens.

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Our Team

On behalf of the municipality and on my own behalf, I would like to welcome you to our website, a virtual gateway to the beauty of our city. As you will notice while browsing, Caraquet is a city unlike any of its kind: Cultural capital of Canada in 2003 and 2009, Caraquet has shops for everyone's taste, an important seaport where several species of fish are unloaded, and many other charms. The sea, the artists, the friendliness, the warm hospitality of our citizens, our major attractions and our many festivals, enhanced with the vibrant colors of the Acadian flag, will make your stay with us unforgettable.

Visitors, we invite you to come and meet us to fully experience the natural, cultural and economic beauties of our wonderful part of the country. Come experience Acadia.

Investors, we have something to satisfy you! We have quality infrastructures, including our industrial park, access to the sea and Route 11, in short, everything to ensure that all your business projects are fulfilled.

I hope that your visit will allow you to better appreciate what we offer and answer all your questions about the municipality.

Kevin J. Haché
Mayor of Caraquet

City council

Kevin J. Haché, Mayor
Phone: 506 726-2727
Fax: 506 726-2660
Rosaire Labrie, Councillor, Sector 1
Phone: 506 727-8902
Jean-Guy Blanchard, Councillor, Sector 1
Phone: 506 727-7529
Yves Roy, Councillor, Sector 2
Phone: 506 726-3623
Daniel Mallet, Councillor, Sector 2
Phone: 506 727-4051
Marie-Soleil Landry, Councillor, Sector 3
Phone: 506 724-0501
Camille Gionet, Councillor, Sector 3
Phone: 506 726-7857
Mario Vienneau, Councillor, Sector 4
Phone: 506 727-2242
Mariette Paulin, Councillor, Sector 4
Phone: 506 726-7264

General management

Désigné administrateur en chef de la Ville de Caraquet par le conseil municipal, Marc Duguay est responsable de l'administration des activités quotidiennes de la corporation. Il gère une main-d'oeuvre d'environ 35 employés, ainsi que les budgets d'exploitation et les travaux d'immobilisations de la ville. Le directeur général siège sur de nombreux comités à titre de représentant de la ville. Il joue également le rôle de lien entre le conseil municipal et le personnel cadre et veille à ce que le Conseil ait accès à l'expertise et aux recommandations des employés de la corporation.

To contact us: 506 726-2727

Marc Duguay, General manager
Daniel Landry, Economic development officer
Daniel Chiasson, Municipal engineer
Julie Jacob, Municipal secretary
Aline Landry, Heritage officer
Liette Dugas
, Chief accountant

City Council Meetings

Ordinary meetings of the Caraquet City Council are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Town Hall (10, du Colisée Street).



Here are the most requested regulations in effect in the town of Caraquet. "Version refondue" means that the posted regulations contain all changes made to them over time in one document.

However, for the purposes of legal interpretation, the original documents must be consulted (the original registered version of the bylaws and the original registered version of each of the amendments). These documents are available in paper version from the town clerk at 726-2727.


Under the supervision of the General manager, the Town of Caraquet has a considerable budget of more than $ 6 million annually to provide the services needed by its population, all in accordance with the objectives of the City Council and the Municipal Act.

Assistance Programs

New Residential Homes in Caraquet Package

The Town of Caraquet has offers for owners of new residential home builds with permits issued in 2019!

A committee will evaluate your request and provide you with its decision. If you qualify, the procedures will then be explained to you to obtain the various incentives of the package.

Selection criteria

  • New construction of a single-family home
  • Permit issued in 2019
  • Eligibility will occur after the first full year of occupancy of the home by the homeowners

For more information, contact Daniel Landry at or 506-726-2727.

Certain conditions apply.
New Residential Homes in Caraquet Package

Welcome Package

The Town of Caraquet and its partners are pleased to offer a wide range of economic benefits to new merchants wishing to settle in Caraquet. 

For more information, contact Daniel Landry at or 506-726-2727.

Forfait de bienvenue - Ville de Caraquet

Replacement, Restoration or Installation of Commercial Signs

The financial assistance program for the replacement, restoration or installation of commercial signs coincides with the orientations pursued by the Town of Caraquet identified in its municipal plan, including that of promoting sound management of the visual environment.

Replacement, Restoration or Installation of Commercial Signs

Centre-Ville Caraquet

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Twinning Partners

Twinning is a partnership, a framework for encouraging actions that lead to mutual enrichment between two municipalities: development of cultural exchanges in the fields of arts, vocational training, economy and tourism, and the study of prospects for common actions favorable to territorial political exchanges.


Marennes, France

Marennes is a municipality located in the south-west of France in the department of Charente-Maritime, Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Its population is about 5 500 inhabitants. It owes its fame to the production of oysters called "green". The Caraquet-Marennes twinning goes back almost sixty years, and our archives show that already in 1959 links were created around the fishing industry and that a few years later the twinning became official. Many meetings and exchanges have taken place since.

In 2014, a new public square was erected at the front of Caraquet Town Hall: "Place Marennes" is inaugurated as a symbol of our privileged relationship. In 2017, the signing of a multi-year cooperation agreement commits the two communities to a project of interterritorial cooperation in order to make Francophonie a lever of development and to allow the emergence of common actions.

Visit Marennes' website

Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

On June 3, 2015, the cities of Caraquet and Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, signed a twinning and friendship agreement. It is at the annual conference of Les Arts et la Ville in Moncton that mayors engaged their respective cities in a pact of cultural exchange and mutual aid.

The similarities, mainly in the cultural dynamism of the two cities, make the exchanges between the municipal administrations, the organizers of events and the artists of both cities greatly encouraged the signing of such a protocol.

The mayors are delighted and intend to make this agreement the basis for successful exchanges that could possibly go beyond the cultural world.

Visit de Royn-Noranda's website

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