Maison Léopold L. Foulem

Léopold L. Foulem House
Maison de Léopold L. Foulem
325, Savoie Street

Léopold L. Foulem House is designated a Local Historic Place due to its unique architecture. This cedar shingle-clad 1-1/2 storey residence in the vernacular style was built in 1890 by Germain Haché on his family’s land. It was renovated in 1903 by master carpenter Hector DeGrâce. The house is one of a series of structures connected in a straight line, including a kitchen, a firewood shed and a barn. The inhabitants could go from one section to the next without stepping outdoors, which was highly practical in the winter. This is the last example of this type of residence left standing in the municipality of Caraquet. The interior walls and ceilings are finished in stucco. Beautiful trim work still runs along the lower part of the walls on the main floor, while handsome mouldings adorn the ceilings in the living and dining rooms. With the exception of a porch and a balcony that used to be found on the front of the house, the structure has retained its original architecture, including symmetrical windows and two dormers on the front façade.