Water and Sewer

The Water and Sewer Department is responsible for, among other things, monitoring water sources and pumping stations, flushing the sewer system, overseeing the sludge treatment centre, analyzing and inspecting water quality and monitoring the lagoon and the treatment plant.


5 ways to pay your water and sewer bill

  1. Online at Service New Brunswick
  2. At the administration office, Caraquet Town Hall (10 Colisée Street).
  3. At the Service New Brunswick office (127 Saint-Pierre Boulevard West).
  4. At any Caisse Populaire in New Brunswick (agency number 30010) and on Accesd
  5. By preauthorized debit.

You can pay your bill through monthly debits from your credit union or bank account (forms available at the administration office, Caraquet Town Hall).
If you have questions about your bill or payment methods, contact the Town of Caraquet at 506-726-2727.