Health Services

Enfant-Jésus RHSJ† Hospital

1 Saint-Pierre Boulevard West, Caraquet, NB

Tel.: 506-726-2100

Walk-in services: Around-the clock medical service 7 days a week, and 24-hour nursing coverage daily. Nursing practice guidelines for minor treatments.

Appointment-based services: Nurses, family physicians and specialists available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday for consultations, treatments, educational sessions and flu shots.

Multidisciplinary services: Diabetes and hypertension care, pediatric team, oncology clinic, heart and lung rehabilitation, women’s health clinic, smoking cessation program, arthritis self-help program, pre-op clinic, post-natal clinic and four-bed palliative care unit.

Diagnostic services: medical imaging and lab from Monday to Sunday (hours vary depending on which medical staff are on site), electrodiagnosis and breast cancer screening services from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Social work and community development: Social worker, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Support services: Medical Records, Reception, Facilities Management, Purchasing, Housekeeping, Administration and Security.

Other services: Lifeline, shop, spiritual and religious care and Telehealth.

Health Services

St-John Ambulance(506) 727-4882 
(506) 726-2169
Ambulance de la Péninsule911

(506) 727-2116Action Revivre
Les ami-e-s de l'Hôpital (Marcel Garvie)(506) 727-2910
SOS Hôpital (Agnès Doiron)(506) 727-2666


Nadine Lanteigne(506) 727-4467 Dental Clinic
Dr Euclide Duguay(506) 727-5856
Dr Sophie Gosselin(506) 727-5511
Dr Bertin Lanteigne(506) 727-9006

Enfant-Jésus RHSJ† Hospital

Walk-in clinic
Central appointment

Breast cancer screening(506) 726-2100 
ou (506) 726-2198
 ou (506) 726-2194
New-Brunswick Extra-Mural program(506) 726-2800


Dr Marie-Lise Chiasson(506) 727-6524
Dr Lise Dugas(506) 727-2278
Dr Ina Frenette(506) 726-5754
Dr Jean LeBlanc(506) 727-2299
Dr Jacques Mallet(506) 727-6591
Dr Céline Morissette(506) 727-6524
Dr Bruno Selosse(506) 727-3332
Dr Gilbert Blanchard(506) 727-7549
Dr Annick Pelletier(506) 727-7549
Dr. Johanne Robichaud(506) 727-7549
(506) 727-7549Dr. William Hynes


Dr Martin Boudreau and Dre Vien Tran Fortin(506) 727-7218
Dre Michelle Thibodeau(506) 727-2262


Pharmacie Jean-Coutu(506) 727-4600
Shoppers Drug Mart(506) 727-2611
Coop IGA Extra(506) 727-0295



Clinique F. Marquis Physiothérapie(506) 727-6705
Physio Renaissance(506) 727-7457
Physiothérapie Caraquet Enrg.(506) 727-5119


Léger Consultante(506) 727-6394

Public Health

Hygienist-nurses, Inspection and Nutritionist
VON(506) 727-7347 nurses

Community Mental Health Services

Community Mental Health Services(506) 726-2030

Family and community services

Family and community services
Senior citizens and disabled person
Adoption services
(866) 441-4149