Although Caraquet, a port city, was once known for its leverage in the maritime sector, it evolved to excel in various sectors, including of course the maritime sector. As a dynamic town, Caraquet believes that to succeed in building a strong and prosperous economy, all stakeholders in the different regions of the territory must work together on solid foundations. To this end, in 2004, Caraquet adopted an economic development policy and, at the same time, established its own economic commission, which helps in achieving its development objectives.

Its industrial park rated "A" by the province of New Brunswick allows companies wishing to settle there to enjoy very attractive benefits in addition to being able to count on a qualified and available workforce.

Caraquet is located on the Bay of Caraquet with a breathtaking view of the Baie des Chaleurs. There are also very good restaurants in the area and entertainment facilities that are the envy of regions. The quality of life is at its peak all year round, and we are assured that these factors make it so that people working in local businesses are happy and want to stay.

Daniel Landry
Development, Town of Caraquet
(506) 726-2926

Economic Profile

Industrial Park

The industrial park and the seaport, combined with the tourism sector and the presence of our SMEs, are all essential links to the economic development of the Town of Caraquet. Our industrial park is rated A by the Province of New Brunswick because of its capacity and the services it provides. It is the only park in the Acadian Peninsula to obtain this classification. Our industrial park has all the necessary characteristics to welcome companies working in different sectors of activity.

Port facilities

As for our seaport, it is a facility that generates significant economic benefits for the community. Did you know that the Caraquet wharf was one of the first in Canada to be managed by a port authority who manages its development, the management of user services and the cost of docking? The Harbor Committee, made up of members of the business community, ensures that all users (factories owners, captain and owner of fishing vessels, boaters) receive the adequate services. The port area is home to a very important industry where coastal, mid-shore and offshore fishermen live in harmony with the New Brunswick School of Fisheries, a jurisdiction of the New Brunswick Community College, Peninsula Acadian Campus. Processing factories and boaters use the launch pad during the summer.

Greater Caraquet Chamber of Commerce and Tourism

The Greater Caraquet Chamber of Commerce and Tourism's mission is to participate in the economic development of the entire region and promote the prosperity of business people and the growth of their businesses. The organization works in partnership with various regional economic stakeholders and plays a proactive role in the business community. It offers members services that meet their needs.

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Daniel Landry
General manager

27, boul. Industriel, local 100
Caraquet (N.-B.) E1W 0A2

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